Lancaster County Board of Commissioners March 6, 2018 REPLAY

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Meeting Open 00:04:03

1) MINUTES: A. 00:05:41

1) MINUTES: A. Approval of the minutes of the Board of Commissioners meeting held on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.

2) CLAIMS: A. 00:06:10

2) CLAIMS: A. Approval of all claims processed through March 6, 2018.

3) NEW BUSINESS: A. 00:06:35

3) NEW BUSINESS: A. Request from Travis and Sally Schroer for a refund of real property tax.

3) NEW BUSINESS: B. 00:14:14

B. Recommendation from the Personnel Policy Board to create the classification of Youth Services Administrator.

3) NEW BUSINESS: C. 00:16:23

C. Resolution regarding a project program agreement with the Nebraska Department of Transportation for funding to repair and replace two deficient bridges on the county road system under the County Bridge Match Program (STWD-CBMP(2)). The project must be completed by December 31, 2020. The cost to the County shall be remaining eligible costs not paid by the State funds and is estimated to be $550,000. (R-18-0016)

3) NEW BUSINESS: D. 00:20:44

D. Contract with Mid-Continent Safety, DXP (DXP Enterprises INC) to provide the annual supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) and first aid supplies (Bid No. 18-021). The contract will be effective upon execution by all parties for a one-year term. The cost to the County is not to exceed $1,200. (C-18-0111)

3) NEW BUSINESS: E. 00:23:04

E. Grant contract with Voices of Hope in the amount of $106,425 to provide funding for the VAWA program "Improved Community Response to Sexual Assault and Legal Advocacy Relating to Protection Orders and Immigrants in Lancaster County". Term of the contract is October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2019. (C-18-0109)

3) NEW BUSINESS: F. 00:24:41

F. Contract with Lincoln Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery for specialized care of General Assistance clients. Providers will be reimbursed at the Medicaid rate. (C-18-0116)

4) CONSENT ITEMS: 00:25:11

4) CONSENT ITEMS: These are routine business items that are expected to be adopted without dissent. Any individual item may be removed for special discussion and consideration by a Commissioner or by any member of the public without prior notice. Unless there is an exception, these items will be approved as one with a single vote of the Board of Commissioners. These items are approval of: A. Ratification of the Corporate Tax Rate Change Certificate for the Industrial Development Promissory Revenue Note, Series 2010 (R-10-0096) and as a supplement to the Tax Compliance Agreement (C-06-7279) between Lancaster County and the Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders Counties. (C-18-0117) B. Contract with Jones Automotive, Inc., to supply and install emergency equipment for law enforcement and corrections vehicles. The term of the contract is upon date of execution through February 22, 2020. The cost to the County is not to exceed $40,000. (C-18-0115) C. Amendments to the following contracts: 1. C-15-0199 with Midwest Floor Covering, Inc., using UNL RFP #2483-15-7215. The amendment renews the contract for an additional one-year term beginning March 1, 2018 through February 28, 2019. The cost to the County is not to exceed $2,500. (C-18-0110) 2. C-11-0724 with Eletech, Inc., for elevator service, testing and maintenance. The amendment is for a change of ownership from Eletech, Inc., to Schindler Elevator Corporation, d/b/a Eletech, Inc. (C-18-0113) 3. C-17-0877 with Credible Behavioral Health, Inc., using the Rapphannock-Radidan Community RFP 2012-1 contract for Software Technology Solutions - Electronic Health Records. The estimated cost will be increased by $45,690 for the remainder of the contract term with a revised total amount of $375,690. (C-18-0114) 4. C-16-0526 with Information First, Inc., for professional services on an as needed basis to support the County's use of HPR RM for record keeping purposes. The amendment extends the contract term from March 6, 2018 through March 5, 2019. The cost to the County is not to exceed $5,000. (C-18-0118) D. Right-of-way contracts with the following: 1. Marilyn and Jacob Dering, Trustees, Southwest 62nd Street and West Olive Creek Road, in an amount of $865. (C-18-0119) 2. Maahs, Ltd., North 148th Street and Alvo Road, in an amount of $500. (C-18-0120) E. Receive and place on file the Clerk of the District Court report for February, 2018. F. Setting a public hearing for a manager application for Beth Hladky in connection with the Whispering Vines Winery, LLC, Class Y liquor license at 3110 West Branched Oak Road, Raymond, Nebraska on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 9:00 a.m., in Room 112 of the County-City Building (555 S. 10th Street, Lincoln).

5) PUBLIC COMMENT: 00:28:17

5) PUBLIC COMMENT: Those wishing to speak on items relating to County business not on the agenda may do so at this time.

6) ANNOUNCEMENTS: A. 00:28:32

6) ANNOUNCEMENTS: A. The Lancaster County Board of Commissioners will hold a staff meeting on Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 8:30 a.m., in the Bill Luxford Studio (Room 113) of the County-City Building (555 S. 10th Street, Lincoln). B. The Lancaster County Board of Commissioners will hold its next regular meeting on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 9:00 a.m., in Room 112 of the County-City Building (555 S. 10th Street, Lincoln) with the Board of Equalization immediately following. C. County Commissioners can be reached at 402-441-7447 or D. The Lancaster County Board of Commissioners meeting is broadcast live on LNKTV City. For the rebroadcast schedule visit (keyword: LNKTV). Meetings are also streamed live on LNKTV and can be viewed on YouTube (LNKTVcity).

7) ADJOURNMENT 00:29:31


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