Lincoln and Lancaster County Planning Commission February 28, 2018 REPLAY

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Approval of minutes 00:03:42

Approval of minutes of the regular meeting held February 14, 2018

1. CONSENT AGENDA 00:04:04

1. CONSENT AGENDA (Public Hearing and Administrative Action) TEXT AMENDMENT: 1.1 Text Amendment No. 18003 More Information Text Amendment No. 18003, to amend Section 27.02.160 of the Lincoln Municipal Code regarding the definition of 'Office', and repealing Section 27.02.160 of the Lincoln Municipal Code as hitherto existing. STAFF REPORT Staff recommendation: Approval Staff Planner: Brian Will, 402-441-6362, Planning Commission recommendation: APPROVAL; 7-0 (Scheer and Washington absent). Public hearing before the City Council tentatively scheduled for Monday, March 19, 2018, 3:00 p.m.


2. REQUESTS FOR DEFERRAL None. 3. ITEMS REMOVED FROM CONSENT AGENDA (Public Hearing and Administrative Action) None.

4. PUBLIC HEARING 4.1 00:06:31

4. PUBLIC HEARING AND ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION SPECIAL PERMIT: 4.1 Special Permit No. 18004 More Information Special Permit No. 18004, to allow a Residential Healthcare Facility serving up to 20 people, on property generally located at 4141 South 56th Street. **FINAL ACTION** STAFF REPORT Staff recommendation: Conditional Approval Staff Planner: Dessie Redmond, 402-441-6373, Planning Commission ‘final action’: CONDITIONAL APPROVAL, as set forth in the staff report dated February 15, 2018: 7-0 (Scheer and Washington absent). Resolution No. PC-01590.

Adjournment 01:16:23

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