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1) PUBLIC HEARING: A. One and Six-Year Road and Bridge Improvement Program for July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2023. The Chair opened the public hearing. Wiltgen explained that the Board will not be taking action at this time and further discussion will take place at an upcoming staff meeting. Amundson entered the meeting at 7:04 p.m. Pam Dingman, County Engineer, was administered the oath. She began the public hearing by introducing the staff from the County Engineer’s Office. Dingman presented an overview of the completed and proposed projects (Exhibit A). She discussed the current paving needs, bridge conditions, combo structures and culvert conditions. Dingman provided various maps of the roads and bridges in the County. These maps are also available on the County Engineer’s website. Don Biggerstaff, 1909 N 98th Street, was administered the oath and expressed concerns with Holdrege & Adams due to the increased traffic, dust and visibility. He said with the continued growth of Lincoln the traffic will increase and he would like 98th Street paving to become a priority. A number of people present stood showing their support. Wiltgen encouraged members of the public that did not wish to speak or could not attend the public hearing to contact the Commissioners. -1- Solo Mwania, 7620 Stevens Ridge Road, was administered the oath. He stated he would like to see the one mile of gravel on S 1st Street between Old Cheney Road and Pioneers Boulevard paved. Mwania said the Lincoln City Church continues to grow but limits activities as the street is a concern for safety reasons. There were a number of church members in attendance to show their support. Kent Heidtbrink, 1601 N 98th Street, was administered the oath. He said the 98th Street traffic continues to increase with the dust causing visibility issues. Heidtbrink questioned if watering the road could be an option. Dianne Heidtbrink, 1601 N 98th Street, was administered the oath. She shared concerns as well with 98th Street traffic and felt that a new traffic count needs to be conducted. Brett Erlandson, 1740 SW 33rd Street, was administered the oath and stated the City has planned a major road construction project that affects the neighborhood in 2021. He said there will be a quarter mile that is still within the County’s jurisdiction and according to the 1 & 6 year program’s proposed projects it will not be completed until after 2023. Erlandson said he would like that taken into consideration as there is increased traffic from 36th and 40th Streets. Sandy Smith, 18303 N 162nd Street, was administered the oath. She expressed concern with the number of heavy trucks traveling on 162nd Street and feels the condition of the road is not safe. Mark Antonson, 1521 SW 30th Street, was administered the oath. He appeared on behalf of the West A Neighborhood Association (SW 40th Street to Salt Creek Road and Van Dorn Street to West O Street). There were members from the neighborhood in attendance. Antonson requested that the County work with the City on the West A Street to Folsolm Street project. Michael Werner, 10220 East Oak Lane Circle, Waverly, was administered the oath. He stated he appreciates the County road maintenance. Werner supported the N 162nd Street project, but would like it extended one mile to Bluff Road. He noted Amberly Road is a truck route and perhaps the County could explore an alternate truck route around Waverly as three schools are located on Amberly Road. Ken Hiatt, 5200 Boeckner Avenue, was administered the oath. He noted he is responsible for outside maintenance for Lincoln City Church and he appreciated the quick response from County Road Maintenance when called upon. Hiatt said he would like to see South 1st Street pavement on the future 1 & 6 year program. Jim Brown, 8757 Bennet Road, Roca, was administered the oath and requested a quarter mile of rock on Bennet Road near 87th Street. Dingman said she would evaluate that section of road to see if it would meet the current standards for rock placement. Jason Babcock, 13411 Alvo Road, was administered the oath. He was concerned with the delay on completing construction on 148th Street and the amount of traffic thru the 134th Street intersection. Dingman said construction projects were delayed in October due to the weather and advance work could not be done due to the instability of the structures. Vinny Boston, 10900 N 176th Street, was administered the oath. He questioned the weight rating on bridge H-119. Dingman said she was unsure of the weight rating. Boston expressed concerns with -2- emergency vehicles crossing the bridge to reach his property. Dingman said there is communication with the city and villages when structures are closed. Doug Hansen, 905 Larkspur Drive, Hickman, was administered the oath. As Mayor of Hickman, he is in support of paving 54th Street and 68th Street from Roca Road to Hickman. Hansen said Hickman conducted a traffic count released in March of 2016 showing 7300 vehicles per day going north on 68th Street from Hickman Road and 7100 vehicles going south. He felt that S 68th Street needs to be on the County’s radar. Tim Sullivan, Meadowview Subdivision, was administered the oath. He represented the Meadowview Subdivision Homeowners Association (HOA) and supported the overlay project in the one-year plan for the subdivision, the culvert replacement along W Pioneers Road at 98th Street and paving of the quarter mile of SW 36th Street to SW 40th Street. Sullivan encouraged the Commissioners to increase the overall budget for roads and bridges. Denise Arnold, 2951 N 51st Street, was administered the oath and appeared in support of paving the section of S 1st Street in the area of Lincoln City Church. DaNay Kalkowski, 1128 Lincoln Mall, Suite 105, was administered the oath. She appeared on behalf of Firethorn property owners in support of the continued pavement of 98th Street. Silas Clark, Hickman City Administrator, was administered the oath. He requested that the Commissioners consider increasing the County Engineer’s budget. Wiltgen said the budget was increased $4,000,000 over the last three years and the County is developing a task force to find ways to fund major infrastructure projects. Dave Watts, 1701 N 112th Street, was administered the oath. He stated he would like to see 112th Street on the 1 & 6 year program. Watts said he hired Alfred Benesch and Company to perform a traffic count on 112th Street between Holdrege and Adams Streets (Exhibit B). He noted a new animal clinic will increase traffic beyond current counts. Marlan Johnson, 4105 N 202nd Street, Eagle, was administered the oath. He commended the County Engineer’s Office in working to give him access to his farmland, which is located between Bridges H- 119 and H-120. As a member of the Eagle Alvo Fire District, he is concerned with the amount of time rural roads are closed for simple culverts. Dingman stated due to Federal Highway Administration regulations a bridge must be closed if it poses a clear and present danger to the public. In regard to culverts she noted Nebraska Emergency Management Agency funding and property line issues can delay construction. Seth Rye (no address was provided) was administered the oath. He said he appreciated the work of the road maintenance crews and would like to see improvements to S 68th Street due to the amount of traffic. Schorr read into the record the names of individuals who contacted her in writing to express their concerns with S 68th Street (Exhibit C). She said at Thursday’s staff meeting she will be discussing with her fellow Commissioners a plan to set aside County emergency funds for a traffic study of the area. Dingman stated her goal is always to work toward zero road fatalities. She requested the study include Roca Road to Firth. -3- Lynn Lenhoff, 1900 N 98th Street, was administered the oath. He requested placement of a 45 MPH speed limit sign on 98th Street between Holdrege and Adams Streets. Dingman said a speed study can be done. Dustin Sutter, 431 Driftwood Drive, was administered the oath. He appeared in support of paving S 1st Street between Old Cheney Road and Pioneers Boulevard. Schorr entered two letters into the record from Matt Steinhausen regarding a quarter mile of Rokeby Road between S 14th Street and Highway 77 (Exhibit D); Craig Larmon regarding Bridge N-19 (Exhibit E); and Wayne, David and Travis Eggert, Lanyce Keel and Brian and Elaine Eltze regarding the closure of Bridge W-122 on Panama Road (Exhibit F). Wiltgen announced that tonight’s meeting would be available to view on YouTube. Dignman said she received a letter from the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District (NRD) regarding SW 2nd Street realignment (Exhibit G). The NRD has agreed to pay the cost but requested it be placed on the 1 & 6 year program. NOTE: The County Clerk’s Office also received an email from Chad TerMaat regarding safety issues on Saltillo Road (Exhibit H).

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