Railroad and Transportation Safety District Meeting September 8, 2020

Open Agenda

Call to Order 00:01:52

Notice of Public Meeting/Open Meetings Act 00:02:02

Approval of Minutes 00:02:47

National Rail Safety Week September 21-27 00:03:11

Report of Statement of Financial Activity 00:06:52

Report on Projects and Crossings 00:10:02

Consideration of FY19/20 Annual Audit 00:46:30

Consideration of FY 2020/2021 Budget 00:54:30

Report regarding Current Budget Status 00:57:54

Resolution for Revision to Contract Authority 00:59:13

Consideration of County Invoice/Hickman 01:09:37

Consideration of OPPD 56th/Old Cheney 01:17:11

Consideration of OL&B Y Street Crossing 01:18:51

Consideration of BNSF Old Cheney Road 01:19:51

Consideration of BNSF North 33rd Street Crossing 01:20:43

Consideration of BNSF 3rd Party Agreement for 33rd 01:25:59

Communications/Correspondence 01:29:41

Non-Agenda Items/Public Comment 01:34:52